PLEASE TAKE NOTE(Registration and Results)


PLEASE TAKE NOTE(Registration and Results)

This servers to inform you that the release of 201804 Report 190/1 examination results which were supposed to be released on 08 May 2018 , will only be released on the 11 May 2018 as the Department received a correspondence from Umalusi requesting that the approval meeting for release of April Engineering Studies examination results be reschedule to 08 May . Therefore , the results will now be released on the 11 May 2018 . The college promise to communicate with the student when the results are available about the way forward regarding registration. through our SOCIAL MEDIA , NOTICE BOARD and SMS .

For further Information or Enquire please Visit Tosa Campus or Call 057 910 6700.

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Thiwe Suzan MayPosted on4:30 pm - Jun 5, 2019

I Can’t login on Student Portal…I want to see the amount I owe the school…And My Results As Well I have been waiting and Waiting but I can’t get assistent even at Bookshop then kept on referring us to the Student Portal…So Please I Just Want To Know What Am I suppose to do now???…

Mamahlaku mathePosted on3:12 pm - Jul 11, 2019

I’m looking for 2019 first semester results

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