1. All SSS officers are involved in sports, art and cultural activities.
  1. Lecturers for LO and English will be working with SLOs for activities such as debates and student well beings, and academic support.
  1. CDOS CAREER DEVELOPMENT. – Career guidance – advice students on career paths
  • Counseling and referrals on issue of physical, emotional and societal health being and should be available in campus.
  • support recruitment and management of of Peer mentors & peer Mobilisers
  • communication, advocacy and lobbying
  • coordination (FTF activations& campus coordinating committees)
  1. THE SLOs:
  • Plan and implement Orientation and Induction of students
  • Coordinates campus student leadership and nomination and elections
  • Implement student code of conduct
  • Coordinates support groups of students related health /social challenges
  • Coordinates sport and cultural programmes.
  • Full implementation regarding student counselling relating to lecturer referrals, SLOs , CDOs, and individual referrals of students
  • Initiates awareness raising campaigns on disability
  • Keep a database of applicants with special needs in order to determine number of students with disabilities that require assistance and access
  • Ensure that assistive devices are procured to support for academic success
  • Provide support with tests, assessments and examination concessions
  • Establish partnership with relevant disability support groups
  • Profile of students and provision of relevant support
  • Report on students with disabilities
  • Report on socio, economical and financial needs of students

NB: CDOs, SLOs, and STUDENT COUNSELLORS ensures confidentiality in all interaction with students unless given by student in writing to disclose information