1. Goldfields student support services ensures that provision of quality education by ensuring effective support services is implemented.
  2. As Goldfields College Student Support Service office, we ensure that student succeeds academically by offering holistic approach and student centered approach that seek to increase the chances of success and employability of students.
  3. The SSS unit collaborates with different departments in the college such as management, head of departments, lecturers and support staff.
  4. Effective support lead to:
  • Higher retention and throughput rates
  • Higher certificate rate.
  • Promotes the participation of those students who were previously excluded and continue to experience a wide range of barriers into higher education and training.
  1. The SSS ensures that support is accessible to all students irrespective of, race and belief.
  2. Assist students with the following:
  • Programme choice.
  • Access financial aid NSFAS and other bursaries).
  • induction and orientation of student
  • Offer academic support
  • Give students opportunities to participate in extra curricular activities