DATES                                                   TYPE OF STUDENTS / ACTIVITIES

19 Nov Till 7 Dec 2018                                       On-Line Application Continues

10-11 January 2019                                           Returning Students

12 January 2019                                                Part-Time Students

14 January 2019                                                Classes Commences


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NelsonPosted on8:33 am - Dec 27, 2018

To whom it may concern
I looking for the dates for registration of new student at the college

PholosoPosted on6:22 am - Dec 29, 2018

I Pholoso Lesetja have been trying to apply to register online here on your website but there’s nothing that shows where to register. I’m a new student who has been studying elsewhere so I really want to register.

Could you please let me know how must I apply online please.

Yours sincerely,
Lesetja Pholoso.

Molise Naledi PreciousPosted on7:51 pm - Dec 30, 2018

I am doing hospitality at welkom tvet college i would like to see my result

WillemPosted on12:40 pm - Jan 2, 2019

Dear admin

I was asking when are both the application and registrations for the first time student(new students) who will be studying full-time in GOLDFIELDS?

kabeloPosted on7:14 am - Jan 3, 2019

I would like to know my results for 2018 November pls

MasabataPosted on9:02 am - Jan 3, 2019

November results

Thembeka TsatsaPosted on4:31 pm - Jan 3, 2019

Dates for part time students is on saturday, can u clarify when exatly are part time students registering, and supplementary exams.

Sindiswa MofokengPosted on7:55 pm - Jan 3, 2019

What documents are actually needed?

selloanePosted on5:01 pm - Jan 4, 2019

Want to study teaching how many points i need to apply for teaching

selloanePosted on5:03 pm - Jan 4, 2019

How many points i need to qualify for teaching

ThaboPosted on6:07 am - Jan 5, 2019

When is registration open for new students for 2019?

emily mahloanePosted on8:53 am - Jan 5, 2019

hy I’m Emily mahloane, I want to study management assistance for part time in goldfields tvet collage…..

Marta Seipati MachalelePosted on5:12 pm - Jan 5, 2019

My Name Is Seipati I’m From Virginia And I’d Like To register At Goldfields TVET college for 2019
I passed With Higher Certificate And Would Like To Do Courses In Engineering

SebongilePosted on7:12 pm - Jan 6, 2019

I need to apply please help

PulanePosted on11:48 pm - Jan 7, 2019

I want to register for part-time studying

PulanePosted on11:51 pm - Jan 7, 2019

Iam a returning student I want to enroll to finish my human resources course

PulanePosted on11:53 pm - Jan 7, 2019

I want to enroll my studies for human resources course

MorakanePosted on5:14 am - Jan 8, 2019

Hi, online registration is closed? So when is the registration for 1st time students?

PulanePosted on9:00 am - Jan 8, 2019

Can I apply online

TebohoPosted on11:52 am - Jan 8, 2019

I would like a link for the online registration

Khotso moonoPosted on1:36 pm - Jan 8, 2019

I am asking for online registration form please

Tozi nhlafuPosted on5:15 pm - Jan 8, 2019

I want space to study

TOKELOPosted on9:38 pm - Jan 8, 2019

I want to be part of goldfields college

PalesaPosted on5:30 am - Jan 9, 2019

how to apply online

Lekhoaba TonyPosted on7:40 am - Jan 9, 2019

Late application are still open?

matshediso nellyPosted on1:05 pm - Jan 9, 2019

Leave your message do goldfield college offers ncv

NtebalengPosted on2:15 pm - Jan 9, 2019

I want to register

Kedibone nthejanePosted on4:01 pm - Jan 9, 2019

Dear sir/madam

My name is Kedibone Nthejane, i’m a 1st year student and would like to apply to study at your campus. I would be glad if you reply to my request.

Kind regards
K.G Nthejane

Bonolo MalokaPosted on7:24 pm - Jan 9, 2019

Is there still space for new students? I want to come and apply for 2019, any N4 coursesl I can do to boost my points

KamogeloPosted on7:30 pm - Jan 9, 2019

I want to register in Welkom college,but I don’t know how to do an online registration please can I get a help

Cylia Clearable KosiePosted on8:26 am - Jan 10, 2019

I would like to register for 2019 full time or part time if available.

NombuleloPosted on9:33 am - Jan 10, 2019

I want to Apply

Thank you

Katleho Khoarai KhoaraiPosted on4:19 pm - Jan 10, 2019

I would like to register

ThamsanqaPosted on2:21 am - Jan 14, 2019

I just want to know the space still available for NCV
Because are what to apply to complete are have grade 10

dawid humanPosted on10:30 am - Jan 18, 2019

register for civil engineering

Michelle SibiyaPosted on11:01 am - Jan 21, 2019

I would like to do an online registration for 2019 office administration please email me information

LesegoPosted on10:43 am - Jan 22, 2019


I want to enroll with you and is it possible to apply online

MariskaPosted on7:33 pm - Jan 25, 2019

Helo.I realised that the applications of this institution might already be closed but i wanted to know whether there is a chance that i can still apply to study part time at this institution

Masego MopakoPosted on10:24 pm - Jan 25, 2019

I need help with registration and also accommodation
please help me to enrol with you guys.

Thomoentle KumaloPosted on2:26 pm - Jan 27, 2019

Hi I’m Thomoentle Kumalo,I’ll like to register with you guys pls…I want to study this year,will you help.My numbers is 0788545731.Thank you.

Thomoentle KumaloPosted on2:29 pm - Jan 27, 2019

Hi…I’ll like to register with you guys,I don’t know if I’m late but please I’m willing to study this year.Here are my digits 0788545731.Thank you.

SellwanePosted on8:07 pm - Jan 30, 2019

I want to study at your college

MOLEFI MATHOSIPosted on6:43 am - Jan 31, 2019

I am MOLEFI MATHOSI from wesselsbron can i have application for registration via my email

jOHANNESPosted on11:15 am - Jan 31, 2019

dear sir/madam
I wanted to ask if spaces still open for application and nsfas???
please if so,
can you notify me via

Novelake Suzan NchakePosted on8:32 am - Feb 11, 2019

Good Morning I need to study with college need to do Management Assistant course partime I’m still working please assist me with registrations fees and course fees book fees quatation please thank you.

WandilePosted on2:48 pm - Feb 16, 2019

Can I Still Apply To Study This Year

Motlogeloa Lentikile JosephPosted on9:10 am - Mar 3, 2019

Hey I want to apply for next year so I want to knw when are you going to open

Monyane LeokaokePosted on2:35 pm - Mar 18, 2019

I would like to apply for the course of business management, part time i was at the campus at the beginning of the year then i was adviced to apply on line.
I want to apply for this semester of July 2019 Looking forward to your positive response.

Motshedisi MarakoPosted on12:56 pm - Mar 21, 2019

Hi! When will registration open for ECD education

DumisaniPosted on10:28 am - Apr 2, 2019

Good day, i was asking when is second trimester registration at Tosa Tvet College?

Thank you

DimphoPosted on1:48 pm - Apr 3, 2019

I did my Matric last year 2018 and I haven’t been in school since then and I would like to study there for second semester. Is it possible?

murendeniPosted on7:27 pm - Apr 11, 2019

when is the registrations for second semester

katleho stephenPosted on11:31 am - Apr 29, 2019

hi my name is katleho stephen,i just want to know when are the second semester registrations date?

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